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Call us crazy, nuts or temporary loss of senses. That's what they said....this is about the quiet quest to simplify our life! The process of eliminating the clutter and stress and taking back our freedom. Like many small business owners….we were hit hard due to the economy. We found ourselves rethinking the direction we were heading. Should we gamble and keep the big house and "stuff" because that's what everyone does or do we reexamine what is truly important in our lives? 9 Hundred Square feet is an open-ended journey in living “Smaller, Simpler and Stress-Free” lives!

Monday, July 18, 2011

All Your House Is….A Place To Put Your Stuff!

“All Your House Is….A Place To Put Your Stuff!”
George Carlin

I was reminded of this great clip of George Carlin’s. A friend and networking buddy, Robert Goodman, sent me the clip in regards to what I have been discussing in my blogs. “Stuff!” and “Do you really need that size of house to hold all your stuff?”

It is so true! Take a five minute break, watch, laugh and learn!

So, have you done anything to eliminate the extra clutter from your life? Share...post a comment...let me know!

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  1. I've begun to measure whether I have too much 'stuff' based on the ease and time it takes me to dust my house. If surfaces are becoming cluttered and hard to dust, then I know it's time to do more 'weeding'.