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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where do you want to put this?

So another weekend, the big one! The big moving day. I had a plan; I knew where everything was going. Unfortunately the morning started off a little rough as I strained my "bum knee" not good. But today's the day and I was so excited about our new place. We had the bedroom furniture in (thanks to IKEA and Juan for putting it together) and now the fun begins our new/old midcentury modern furniture. 

Well we start bringing in our 1962 Fisher stereo, our cool Danish couch and chair, a small side chair (Juan's find) and our wonderful school chairs aka new dining chairs. It’s so exciting. But then....more and more keeps coming in and as the day wears on, I'm getting tired and cranky and my knee is really throbbing. Juan is feeling the stress and strain of a long day and taking the burden of carrying and managing most of the heavy bulky items. 

Tension rises and even though we thought we got rid of a lot of stuff, more and more items keep pouring in our 900 square foot home. 

Is it going in the garbage? Are we selling it? 

He said: So where do you want the grandfather clock?
She said: I don't know 
He said: What are you staring at? 
She said: Huh? Nothing. 
He said: So where? 
She said: In the living room corner
He said: It’s not going to fit there
She said: Why? 
He said: Because too much furniture in that room
She said: Hhmmm
He said: Shawn,
She said: Yeah
He said: What are you staring at?
She said: Nothing (I was truly thinking but yes staring)
He said exasperated: Fine! 
Storms off, slamming doors, cabinets etc 
She said: Juan?! Juan! Talk to me....where do you want me to put this and don't say in the garbage or up my @**! 

Bottom line is this….when you think you have eliminated more than enough? You haven't...Nope, no way, “ain’t gonna happen”…guess again. I truly thought we did an awesome job in getting rid of stuff(we did, goes to show you how much stuff we really had). But, when I began unpacking the kitchen, we had WAY more stuff than what I thought. Or our new cabinets shrunk.

Again, Juan and I sat in the new kitchen contemplating what on earth do we get rid of now? Yes, we STILL had stuff to sell, give away or donate. So we started with the pots and pans and realized we do not need that many pots and pans just take the ones you utilize the most. Keep the larger size and small one; get rid of everything in the middle. Create the piles once again; SELL, DONATE, THROW AWAY. Just needed a little fine tuning, but after all we’ve become “Masters of Condensing and Eliminating”.  We’re gettin’ this!

So here are some pictures of our 900 square foot home with our finds at our vintage shops! Modern Manor & Phoenix Metro Retro as well as Ikea.

First off....let's start off "Old School" and check out my 1962 Fisher Electra Stereo!

Now for some basic pictures of some of my new "stuff" in our 900 Square foot casita!

Originally black came from my Mom and Dad circa 1960's

Walkway into our Patio home

Ikea Bedroom for now!

Shelving with doors now holds clothes
Kitchen View
Table with  1950's school chairs refurbished

Check out our teak coffee table

Now we have extra side tables!


Yes, retro floor lamp

Yes, it works!

Would love to read your comments about what we did and how we did it. I have more fun ideas to show next time.... 


  1. Ya'll did a great job! Now, have a glass of wine, put on a neat record and just relax, take it in, enjoy your new home.

  2. Love the Fisher Stereo! And...nice job! Glad it's become a great adventure for you both. Excited for you and Juan! oxo!