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Friday, November 4, 2011

Creative solutions

When you live in a small space, one of the first rules you learn is that every square inch counts. For many, the realization hits them when they begin unpacking. You may recall from one of our initial posts, that we were about two boxes into unpacking our kitchen when we realized that the NEW cabinets seemed to sucking up stuff at an incredible rate! All those cabintes and closets appeared much larger when they’re empty.
Don’t be dis-heartened! The longer you live in a small space, the more creative you become with storage solutions. You’ll make your life so much easier if you throw out conventional wisdom, and embrace the challenge from the get go. You’ll be amazed at your own creativity. Your solutions may not work for everyone, but as long as they work for you, that’s all that matters.
Below is an award-winning example of multi-purposing a space as well as “outside the box thinking”!

Happy Friday! Although this might NOT be the best design....you might have some great ways to store and create a beautiful space in your small home. Please send an email and share...I would love to post some of your designs.

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