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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Shout Out To *faircompanies

In past articles, I wrote about *faircompanies and their journey in sustainable living. Going green, living smaller….simplifying your life! I am inspired with so many people they film and what they are doing to live a better lifestyle.

In the US we have such a different thought process about living. Sometimes I feel it is about where you are placed in society….Keeping up with the Jones’….STATUS!. In many European countries, people enjoy living in small spaces and enjoying the things they truly need to sustain and enjoy life. Yes, George Clooney might own a villa in Italy or others live in much larger living spaces….however, I find that the people I have met in my travels were happy in a very simple flat or apartment with 400 square feet looking out to breath taking scenery.

I have included a recent video from Kirsten Dirksen and Nicolas Boullosa of *faircompanies. In this video, they visit Bordeaux’ Right Bank and the picturesque Passage Buhan where De Marien and Buchholtz show us how life in a garage can be quite beautiful and even stylish.

It is a long video (13 ½ minutes)…so when you have some downtime watch it. It is in French with subtitles. I am so intrigued with anyone that can take such a small space and create a beautiful home.

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