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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We Are Now A One Car Family…For Now

Roughly 50 years of motoring have all added up this; Mini Cooper!

I was always opposed to the idea of Juan and I being a one car family. I don’t know…for me I felt like Juan was trying to limit my escape route options (wink wink smiley face)…Being the “little woman at home and asking her hubby for permission to drive the car somewhere” AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN! I know  I know ….I’m a little crazy when it came to the thought of us with one car. However, trying to “right size” my life and incorporate a more sensible lifestyle, I finally made the decision to be a one car family.

Juan and I own a business, work together constantly, do things together always, and are best of friends forever. So it would make more sense for us to be a one car family. Well…we did it and so far so good. I am always fearful of an emergency, you know I am out and about and Juan is at home and there is a crisis…dog is hurt or something like that, how will we cope? I am constantly worried about these things that I wouldn’t worry about if we had two cars. Alas, nothing earth shattering or any sort of an emergency has popped up and I guess when they do I will deal with them.

So together we enjoy my Mini Cooper. Always wanted one and so glad I got one (last year). I have to tell you….for me it was like the same feeling I had with my first car. It’s simple yet zippy and sure darn easy to find a spot to park! AND, we are able to really pack up and go. For such a small car it does hold a lot and takes me and Juan everywhere from Point A to Point Z!

As always…”right-sizing” doesn’t mean you have to give up on the nicer things in life. I say why not get what you really want... just don’t need 3, 11 or 20 of the same things that are collectively less expesive. Spend the money once and use the one!  (wink wink, smiley face)  

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  1. Good for you. Im ready to take the plunge too. Even suggested it just yesterday to Dale. He isn't sure yet.