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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sometimes You Just Luck Out!

Well, I'm on my iPhone trying out the "Blogger App" and posting "off the cuff". So be kind should the font be illegible or the pictures off slightly....Here we go.

Just this weekend, Juan and I were discussing our spare bedroom and what we want it to become. We've started by selling some stuff on eBay, donation and yes...STUFF off to the garbage.

Another living space we need to work on is our back patio. Right now...a concrete slab, a bed of dirt that borders the slab and my bar-b-que. Juan and I were standing in the patio enjoying the cooler AZ morning and began discussing what we wanted to create in our back patio.

Juan thought to create multiple seating areas. A couple of small tables that we could put together for a small gathering or separate for more informal dining.

Well it was a start and thought we could begin searching. I LOVE vintage finds and finding good deals. Love to fall upon furniture I can repurpose or get for a steal. For me...the hunt is half the fun.

Sometimes you have the "luck of the Irish" on your side...or just plain luck. Our community, Patio71 has a community page where neighbors can post invites to various events and parties, seeking a lost beach towel or "seeking some ranch dressing".

Well a neighbor posted on our community page she had a bistro table and chairs in need of a good patio. I saw the post and picture and thought surely it was gone....but it wasn't! Juan and I scored!

So Juan and I will begin the process of creating a beautiful backyard space in our 9 hundred square foot home.

So a quick picture....yes it's dark but I'm trying to post off my phone and promise to show you a cool and finished outdoor space.


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