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Call us crazy, nuts or temporary loss of senses. That's what they said....this is about the quiet quest to simplify our life! The process of eliminating the clutter and stress and taking back our freedom. Like many small business owners….we were hit hard due to the economy. We found ourselves rethinking the direction we were heading. Should we gamble and keep the big house and "stuff" because that's what everyone does or do we reexamine what is truly important in our lives? 9 Hundred Square feet is an open-ended journey in living “Smaller, Simpler and Stress-Free” lives!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Things I Enjoy In Life!

Update: Regarding spare bedroom.

As you know from my blog several weeks ago, Juan and I are trying to rid ourselves of more stuff! We've enjoyed the freedom we have found with less house to clean, less backyard to maintain, less stuff to deal with. We are approaching our next garage sale and we are "giddy" (I know don't hassle me on the flowery words) with excitement. This right sizing is great!

It's Friday and we are working from home and I am enjoying two of my favorite things.....

A Bicycle ride....

A soy latte

Enjoy your day however it may be!


  1. Shawn, I love that you are so good about posting on your blog. I was terrible about keeping up with mine. I love seeing what ya'll are doing with the new place/life :o)

  2. Aww thanks Tina....that means a lot. I do not feel I am a good writer...just write from the heart! :)