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Call us crazy, nuts or temporary loss of senses. That's what they said....this is about the quiet quest to simplify our life! The process of eliminating the clutter and stress and taking back our freedom. Like many small business owners….we were hit hard due to the economy. We found ourselves rethinking the direction we were heading. Should we gamble and keep the big house and "stuff" because that's what everyone does or do we reexamine what is truly important in our lives? 9 Hundred Square feet is an open-ended journey in living “Smaller, Simpler and Stress-Free” lives!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Yard Sale A Success

Well....we are tired. We got up at "O Dark Thirty" in preparation of setting up and displaying our lovely treasures. Ready with change and open to bartering.

We had another neighbor joined us who was looking to rid some extra STUFF as well. We looked over one another's tools, books, glassware and treasures and gave each other a high five to sell it all!

It started off quiet and then we had several short bursts of people with dollar bills in hand and change jingling in their pockets. My neighbor started off with the first sale of the day and we laughed as what we thought would go first...didn't. However, slowly but surely we did manage to have a good yard sale.

Highlight of the day.....with our goods all displayed on the freshly landscaped lawn, the sprinklers decided to start. However, we managed to assist one another and moved everything out. Of course it was a good laugh as we out-smarted the sprinklers. Alas...we were wrong as it lured us back on the lawn with a false sense of security only to go off again two hours later AND the few things we had left...got wet. We all got wet.

At that point we decided it was time to close up shop. We had a successful day and what was not sold was donated.

The best part was that we stopped to slow down for a morning and spend some quality time with each other and with friends.

Living a simpler life is awesome!!!

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  1. Congratulations to your success! With your hard work, you deserve it!